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Originally Posted by SheTexan
Regardless of the outcome of our game against the Colts, I hope if they are "saving" PM for a big showoff with the Ravens, that the blackbirds c*** on their parade! They better NOT look past the Texans is all I have to say. We played them and the Pats great competitive games last year, and we beat the Panthers! SO, we are on our turf, and anything can happen! At some point in time the high and mighty take a tumble! MAYBE, just MAYBE the Texans will be the one's to bring them down! I believe they can do it!

A high and mighty, over confident, Colts team shows up at Reliant thinking that they have this game in the bag, and plan on saving their pretty boy QB so he can break a record at home. PLUS, they have that little snicker grin on their horses butt looking faces planning their NEXT game because they have already shown the lowly TEXANS a thing or two! Well!! I have more faith in our team than for them to allow that to happen! We might get beat, we might not, but our TEXANS will show up and make PM and Co think twice about blowing us off! Just a female rant! I am pi**ed that most everyone thinks this game is a given, to the Colts! Screw that attitude!
peyton manning never takes any team lightly, just read his press clipings. and i love the way you call peyton a pretty boy qb when you have david carr over on the sideline worried more about how his hair looks than why he just threw a int.

also to the girl that said the titans gave the colts a good run, uh what game were you watching? did you turn it off after the 1st quarter when the colts rolled up 34 unanswered points?

do the texans have a chance in this game, sure they do, any nfl team has a shot (however little it may be) at another nfl team on any given day. so stop hating on peyton, the guy is a class act on and off the field not to mention the best qb in the league. the facts are simple, to win this game your very inconsistant offense has to score 40+ points and do it by substaining long drives and eating clock.

just remember no lead is safe with this colts offense, we have no prob coming from behind, heck we run the hurry up offense every down. now that ive said that all i dont think it will be a factor because peyton will score at will on your defense and if you turn the ball over again look to get another 49+ points laid on you again. my advice is give the colts the run and hope they decide not to pass it because the run is so open, at least then you wont have insult added to injury by having the toughest record in football broke against you at home. you texan fans should be greatfull that you get a chance to watch the greatest offense in nfl history play live in person. be sure to thank mr. manning for the privlidge of watching him live and sit back and enjoy the show.

p.s. god i hope the colts dont lose after all the smack im talking, nah im not worried.
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