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Originally Posted by Grid
I see a lot of negativity, and I understand why.. but am I the only guy that is excited about where we are going?

I mean.. Offensively we are really looking good.. despite the lack of heart lately. Every team goes through periods like this, its not surprising that we have hit this "wall". And I seriously doubt we are going to stay this way for long. But anyway... like I was saying.. offensively we are looking really good. We have one of the best groups of WRs in the league. Including the future best WR in the league in Andre Johnson. Davis has shown me enough in the last two weeks to reaffirm my beleif that he is still our guy and we just need to work on our run blocking. We have a talented Oline that is getting better and has gotten infinatly better at pass protection. Our only hole right now is at Tight End.. and we have a #2 draft pick that is supposed to be something else.. who will probably be ready to start next season. The best thing about our offense is NO ONE IS LEAVING. Except bradford of course but we already have two nice prospects waiting to take his place in Armstrong and Starling. These guys are all going to be back next year.. with a full season of experience playing together. We went through a period this season where we were a top 10 offense, its only going to get better next season.

What im REALLY excited about though is our defense. We are just starting to get glimpses of the kind of defense Capers will be fielding in the future.. and I gotta admit I like it . Alot of people get down on our lack of pass rush, saying that the 3-4 is supposed to give us a BETTER pass rush. Well, I think Capers might be using it a different way.. depending on playmakers on the line and in the LB corps to focus on the pass rush.. and letting the rest of our guys focus on stopping the run and generating turnovers in the secondary. I think we could end up being a bit like the Bucaneers were when they went to the superbowl.. a strong secondary creating turnovers, giving our offense lots of opportunities. This is all conjecture on my part.. I could just as easily make an arguement that the only reason we have so many interceptions this year is because our 3rd down percentage is so horrible and opponents are throwing alot more. But Im not even sure that that isnt all part of Caper's strategy. We seem to have a bend but dont break defense.. we keep the receivers in front of us. They can nickle and dime their way down the field but they wont get the big play. They keep throwing and we keep getting opportunities to intercept. Of course if we had a running game this year, it would work even better. Allowing us to intercept and run down the clock before scoring a touchdown.

Anyway.. We have 3 rookies starting on defense and all of em look awesome.. we have a superb scouting team and very intelligent people making our draft picks. I have absolute, 100% faith in this front office. And I have no reason to beleive that we wont have another great draft and even more big contributors on defense next year.

Alot of people are dogging capers for being too conservative.. and he is a conservative coach.. but I cant wait to see how things work once he has a good defense to work with. He is a defensive genius and I can just imagine where we are going to be in a season or two.

Anyway.. buck up boys.. our losses the last few weeks are not the end of the world.. it has not ruined our team and we are still showing improvement all over the field. They have already proven to me that they have made alot of progress this season, and I wouldnt mind if they lost the rest of their games to get a better draft position.. but I also take pride in the fact that no one on this team beleives in giving away games and there is no way they would do that .

Btw.. for you doomsayers. Didnt Mr. McNair say in an interview that we better go 8-8.. not in so many words but that was the general idea I think. Im just surprised no one has brought it up and started wondering if Capers is on the hotseat.

Davis is running more confident and it is showing, I still would like more speed there and an upgrade is needed. In my book and I think of playmaking RB's ... he doesn't come to mind.. but as solid NFL backs.. he comes to mind .. nothing against him,but he isn't in the same class as james. LT,Holmes,J Lewis,A Green.. etc, etc

I'd say our draft picks aren't bad.. I wouldn't give it a great but for above Average.. We haven't bombed on your 1st round picks or our 2nd round picks (not counting injuries to Joppru).. For every DD there is a charles hill in our later rounds.. and the jury is out on how we use the extra 3rd in the Henson deal .. maybe that is either a move up in the 1st to get a D. Johnson or maybe we move a few spots in the 2nd to get another guy.. Jury out on that.

defensively.. we need help badly.. no pass rush, can't stop the run and 3rd down conversions are horrible.. To shine a light on it.. 3 years of the team and last year was the 1st time we addressed the defense.. next year I expect us to build on that. so all we can do is go up ...

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