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ok i'm gonna get in on this...i got my tiffs with the coaches of this team but not enough to ask for them to be fired just yet...especially on the defensive side of the ball...i'll tell you the majority of the problems that i've seen on defense is lack of knowledge and execution on our guys...babin has got to be one of the worst at this...he has his good moments as most rookies do but he constantly tries to take the inside pass rush when it's obvious he has contain as the outside pass rusher...allowing the QB to role out to his side and relieve the pressure on him...don't get me wrong babin is doing a lot of things right too just one thing that i constantly see...our SS position as defenitly been the weak point in pass coverage due to an in-effective brown and a in-experienced earl...give earl some time to get his feet firmly in and we'll start to see the hard hitting safety he was in college...foreman should never be asked to rush the passer it's almost laughable when he does...peek definetly needs to be put in more often as well as soon to be shantee orr...payne for most of the season was in-effective but is just starting to regain his form...not quite sure if he's gonna get re-signed at the end of the season...glenn is showing signs of age and so is coleman...

as far as the offense is concerned...they way too inconsistant to get a streak going...the line will play really good one game and be cold and non-exsistant the next...i personally think wand might not be able to handle the LT position full time...pitts makes a lot of mental mistakes but plays hard something mckinney doesn't do a lot of the times...mckinney this season looks to be out of shape...he couple probably stand to drop a few pounds and be more mobile...weigert and wade are pretty rock solid but are not made for the zone blocking scheme...they are more man on man maullers...carr has progressed really well this season but seems to struggle on the biggie...johnson is a giant...bradford sucks...gaffney and armstrong should be able to handle the number 2 and 3 reciever spot next season...and we have about wishy's just not a good thing when you gotta flip a coin and hope the right back shows up for the game

so give the coaches a little break...take a real hard look at what they are working with...a lot of young and new players still getting used to themselves as teamates and the new schemes
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