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North Texas was 7-4 this season, if you call that a weak oppenent then I wonder what you think about the 6 teams Cal faced that finished the season with a record under .500. Including the 1-10 Washington Huskies.
it's not that hard to go 7-4 in the Sun Belt Conference with teams like UL Monroe, Troy, Arkansas State, Utah State, UL Lafayette, Idaho, New Mexico State, and Middle Tennesse State, and Only one other team had a winning record, which was troy. Also, Comparing North Texas and Washington isn't a fair comparision because Washington is a conference opponent much like Baylor, but you can say they play in a weak conference. The pac-10 is worse than the overrated big 8(plus medium 4). you can also say that cal played usc a lot closer than ut played ou. also mack brown is a joke, did you see him begging coaches for votes, if you could coach your team you wouldn't have to. i didn't see tefford stooping that low.

The human polls didn't work. The BcS is a freaking joke. GET A PLAYOFF SYSTEM ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!
a playoff would only help this situation because it would probably get rid of the bowl system, which i think would be the worse for college football.

yeah I like texas but I feel that Cal got short handed I also hate the automatic bowl bid for teams like Michigan and Pitt its kinda like the NFC playoff picture alot of the teams flatout dont belogn there but what can we do.
actually it is nothing like the NFC wild card picture unless you are saying that afc teams are being left out. because for it to be like the nfc wild card their would have to be a division that has four of the top six records but one can't to the playoffs because a division champ has a worse record but gets the automatic bid.
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