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Originally Posted by Grid
Watching the Seahawks play.. this is a "slightly above average" team. They have skill but lack consistency.

Basicly.. Seattle is what we have been saying we are.. a good team that hasnt learned how to win week in and week out.

But looking at them play.. they are alot better than us. It is something that I have been seeing alot of teams do that we are not doing. We lack confidence on offense. Even with our great receiving corps, we do not have enough targets. I think it is really going to boil down to two things.. we gotta have a running game, and Carr has got to get faster at going through his progressions and spreading the ball around. he was doing good earlier this year but the whole offense has slowed down as the year has gone on.

We need a TE... badly.

Anyway.. just watching this monday night game has led me to the conclusion that we are not yet ready to be a good team.. we still have some growing to do. More patience is in order.
I have to admit i sure do like the way Witten plays for Dallas....Thats a good TE who we need...Too bad he can't dump dallas...
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