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Originally Posted by LonghornBabe
I am sorry that you think ALL Texas fans don't have class. I support my Horns win or lose same way I do with the Texans. I don't think I am a rude of obvoxious fan at all. Believe me, I see MANY faults with the program. We did not RUN UP THE score with North Texas....shoot...none of our starters even played in the 3rd or 4th quarter. I have NEVER whined or cried about us losing to OU 5 years in row.....they outplayed us and Stoops outcoached Mack Brown. That is just the way it is!
Let me apologize for inferring that ALL UT fans are that way...I didn't mean it like that. While writing that, I was picturing the 40 or 50 morons at BW-3 in Clear Lake who were berating the North Texas guys this year.

While cycling, I have met many a Texas Ex, and other UT alum...who are quite nice. Sorry for the slight.
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