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Originally Posted by Hervoyel
The Colts will completely maul the Texans next week and honestly, they should be able to handle the Texans. If they are for real then the Texans should be just one more speed bump on the way for them. I think they are and I think we will be.

And the Texans don't have 4 quarters of focused mistake free football in them. No way they are capable of holding anything together long enough to beat the Colts. They'll be lucky if the Colts don't hang another 40 on them.

WOW man all season long we have been nothing but positive and now just cause 1) we've got blown out a few time 2) we cant play 4 quarters of FBall 3) Our O-Line sucks 4) Our D-Line sucks 5) And our coaches are conservative you lose hope, Whats the deal with that ???????
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