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Originally Posted by PlanoColt
philly kept their starters in the game against green bay and kept throwing too. indy only did it because that is how their offense is.. if the texans didn't want indy throwing, they should have put an extra person back into coverage, and the colts would have then ran the ball. they choose their plays based on what manning sees in the defense he's facing. they kept manning and company in because dungy felt the texans had a good offense and had a chance of coming back. that should be a compliment, but instead, the texans players and fans took it as an insult.
ok ok ok OK we understand, listen manning and the colts are GOD and cant possibly do anything wrong, WE know so can we get off the subject. Plus the Colts were just doing what the colts do best, so can we not drop this already. I love my team (Texans) but if they did not wanna get blown out they should of done something about it. How can they be mad at the colts, just because they couldnt stop them ?!?!?!?
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