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Originally Posted by txhoosier
Being a Notre Dame fan by nature...I DESPISE the Michigan Wolverines. On Jan 1, I will be wearing Wolverine Blue and Gold...Texas needs to start thinking about beating OU. Then it can worry about what BCS bowl it gets.

I have lived here for 2 years now...I watch UT fans laugh and heckle while their team blows out weak competition...(North Texas this year for example), then whine and cry when facing an opponent equal to or better than they are. (OU for example). It's funny how quickly you change your tune when you are on the short end of the talent pool.

Note to UT fans...Try having a little class when your team is pounding the lesser opponents, and people won't revel in displaying a lack of class while you are getting shut out.
You can say the same for Cal, beat USC and then you could have gone to the BCS, way to play Southern Miss (who is play North Texas) a real powerhouse there. I don't like the way Texas got in at the last minute, I wonder the whole year why Cal was above them, they both lost to a top 2 team, both played some cream puffs, but I thought Texas played more ranked teams throughout their schedule. I think the BCS did to save face, Texas could a realistically gone to the BCS the 2 previous years. So not to hear the ridicule of their system for having a team that is deserving not go in 3 years, and the talk that would drum up about the system not working. They decided to put Texas in and keep lining our pockets with cash (BCS officals that is).

Originally Posted by William
yeah I like texas but I feel that Cal got short handed I also hate the automatic bowl bid for teams like Michigan and Pitt its kinda like the NFC playoff picture alot of the teams flatout dont belogn there but what can we do.
There is the problem, it needs to go to top 8 teams, no automatic bids.
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