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Originally Posted by DC_ROCK
Is that so?

Rushing Yards .
1186 yards. Not to mention his 334 recieving yards.
#2 in NFL - Edge James

Recieving Yards.
764 Yards
#18 in NFL - Marvin Harrison
The reason that Marvin Harrison's numbers are down is the rise of Stokley and Reggie Wayne. Harrison was double-teamed a lot early in the season.

Inspite of that, Harrison still has more TD's than James. Out of receivers, Harrison has the most TD's in the AFC (12) and is only second to T.O. in the entire NFL. If you let Harrison go and promote Reggie Wayne and Brandon Stokley, you run a high risk of encountering the same issues the Falcons have had with Peerless Price. He isn't the same without Moulds, is he?
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