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Originally Posted by georgewashington
Being a third year team is not a very good excuse. I know it means the team hasnt had the chance to draft depth, get good contracts for veterans, etc. but seriously. Three years is plenty of time to try and get quality veterans. Thats plenty of time to draft three years worth of rookies to add some depth. That is plenty of time for a Franchise QB to develop since he has started the whole time. There are no excuses for Carr making horrible passes, and not checking down on receivers. He should have been doing that in college, and this is his third year in the NFL. Injuries have hurt the defense, especially the line quite a bit, but they are starting to get better, especially Payne. A draft of a DT will add much to their status. I think the defense will be tough next year. Babin will have had time to mature and adjust, Peek should be able to play full time, Sharper will stay the same, and hopefully wong will move inside and allow us to also draft a MLB early in the draft this season to develop. The DBs will be better with Earl and Robinson having playing time. We could get another shutdown corner in the draft to solidify behind Glenn. The Oline will have a season of zone blocking for the running game, maybe a draft pick high if there is a good Olineman available. Adding a running back maybe like Lamont Jordan will give the running game a new dimension. Thats really about four changes that can easily be addressed. While other teams have more talent, this team has some and can add to it very easily this offseason if they make the right moves. I think that more than anything this team is young in terms of maturity and development as a TEAM. They are getting use to playing together. Next season they will be much improved. I def. think they will be in the post season.

HAHA george maybe thats the point, they dont want to get veterans to just fill in temp. , they are trying to put young talent around this team that could play for us for years. Capers learned his lesson about filling your roster up with veterans in Carolina. It might seem like a slow process building this team but the way they are doing it will help the team out in the long run.
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