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Originally Posted by WWJD
Maybe there is no easy answer...I just think each team has a certain dynamic to it.

I think the Texans are on the cusp on being a very good team. They have some holes to fill and some good offseason moves will help there.

They are first and foremost a running team and when that is not working it's difficult for them. That I blame on O Line work and the RB's being injury prone.

I do agree that David sometime tries to force things but so do most QB's. Favre is notorious for that.

I did hear Peyton Manning say something interesting yesterday after their game. He said that all the work he and his receivers did in the offseason..April, May....they made time to work together and now thru all that work you see the results.

Perhaps David and some of his receivers need to do that if they could work it out. It would be on their own time but it might be just a little something that could help. I know these are family men and maybe some of these guys don't even live here during the offseason but well maybe the extra work and study would just be an extra piece to the puzzle.
I like the idea of Carr and the receivers working in the offseason. Sure they are family men, but we aren't talking about 7 days a week, 12 hours a day...we are talking a few hours/day about 3-4 days a week, with family get-togethers, where they share ideas, silent signals, etc...

A team with the talent that the T's have needs to get it together mentally...sometimes that reflects on the coaching, but I think that the O-line needs to really band together as well. A few years ago, everywhere Manning went, the O-line led him. Bathroom, speaking engagements, autograph signings, etc...they protected him everywhere as a show of force, and look at them today. They are one of the better O-lines in the league. (Edge takes pretty good care of them, too...nice gifts that cost $1 for every yard gained in the game. this week's gift will be #105...a couple weeks ago it was over $200.)
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