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No, Orr is playing outside. What this all means is that Peek should be playing more on the outside. The experiment should be underway this week in practice with Wong in the middle. They used this formation about four times on sunday, and Antwan nearly got a sack out of it. I must say that he got laid out on one run play, but at least him falling sort of took out two blockers and stretched the field? Either way, I think this situation will allow him to get some quality PT for the rest of the season. I think you will see a better pass rush from the sides with him and Babin playing. Even if they do not get sacks, they will get the pocket collapsed and force the QB to step up instead of standing back. Thats why they need to blitz more, you have the speed from the outside forcing the QB to step up, and that leaves a perfect chance for Sharper and Co. in the middle to blitz the gaps and get sacks. This team needs to blitz. The DBs can cover well, but not if you give the other team too much time. Blitzing causes sacks and pressure which leads to loss of yards, bad decisions being made by the QB, and that causes turnovers.
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