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Originally Posted by Marcus
It falls on deaf ears because you can't get past your tiresome 'we need to clean house' rants. It falls on deaf ears because you are never balanced in your critique.

You don't say anything at all about Carr not performing well on the field, even when he's been given good protection. You didn't say anything about the defense giving up over 200 yards rushing, and being last in the NFL on 3rd down conversion prevention.

But no, Harry, you just want to harp on "coaching management' and then wonder why your coaching bias falls on deaf ears.
Did you ever think that perhaps under achievement by all the players on this ball club is due to coaching. I'm sorry, but I too can be critical of Carr, but I think much of what you are seeing in all phases of the Texan's game is due to coaching or lack there of. As has been documented by the Chronicle, Carr took a nasty hit and was never the same in this game after that point in time. He played injured and was hailed by Capers for that. That's fine, but was he hurt enough that he could no longer be efficient. I'm sorry, but there is a lot of evidence that this coaching staff has to go before you see any improvement in the Texans.
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