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Originally Posted by infantrycak
That all might be good if it bore any resemblance to what happened. The Texans moved 50 yards and burned 5 and a half minutes off the clock on their first possession. On their second possession they moved 30 yards (would have been 77 but for the holding call on DD's run) and took 4 minutes off the clock. On their 3rd possession they went 75 yards for a TD and took over 6 minutes off the clock. That was the 1st half. The O had two three and out possession in the 2nd half, and they were not back to back. The D has to take responsibility for being on the field so long as well because from the opening drive of the 2nd half they didn't 3 and out or quickly get the Jets off the field--5 minutes on 1st drive, 1 minute on the second (they started on our 4), 7 minutes on the 3rd drive, etc. Yes the O could have helped them out by keeping them off the field but they could have kept themselves off the field by making plays.

haha come on man i wasnt stating REAL stats i was just stating that if the O could stay on the field and score a few points it would REALLY help the D out, I know Defense wins championships but come on, they need a little help from the O ! And we are FAR away from a championship,

Hmmm we will win the state championship next season
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