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Originally Posted by TheOgre

You are football savy and cute, nice combo. Too bad you are a Cowboy's fan.

haha yall are turning this into a chat room !

Besides let me put this all down SHORT and clear to you guys. Ok offense gets the ball goes 3 and out, Defense comes on the field gives a little but still holds strong, so offense gets ball again 3 and out ok now the defense is back on the field and our D-Line looks like they are stuck behind a brick wall, while all this is happening the GOOD secondary we have is running all over the field getting a little worn down but they AGAIN hold the other team to just 3 points, ok so CARR gets the ball again and WOW our offense turns the ball over, so here comes the DEFENSE again well by this time they are already tired, because they have been off the field for a little over a minute.

So yall can complain about what yalld like, Our D always holds up at first, its just the O cant stay on the field long enough for the D to catch their breath, and it RESULTS in a BLOW OUT !
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