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Originally Posted by texasguy346
If I'm not mistaken the Pro Bowl voting is a mix of fans, coaches, and players voting. I'm not sure of what percentage each gets, but D. Rob could get into the Pro Bowl this year if he's impressed opposing coaches and players enough. I agree that he won't get many votes outside of Houston, but I'm sure all the coaches that decided to challenge Dunta instead of Glenn have a lasting memory of him picking off their QB. It is very tough for a rookie to make it to the Pro Bowl, but Bolden made it last year for the lowly Cardinals. We could potentially have three players make the Pro Bowl from the Texans: Sharper, AJ, and Robinson. Sharper and DRob have the toughest road to get in to the Pro Bowl though. You can pencil in Ray Lewis as the starting MLB already. Hopefully they all make it to Hawaii.
I believe each has an equal 1/3 of the vote. Bolden made it because he had ridiculous numbers and some amazing catches that were all over ESPN. Dunta wont have that advantage, his interceptions have not been the most spectacular plays so people wont notice as much. He may get some of the coaches and players noticing, but it is a tough road for him to Hawaii. I would say that in a year or two, he will be feared and recognized by all. I think aside from his INTs, what i think people will see is that he goes for hits like a safety. He can lay the wood.
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