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Originally Posted by DCowboysGal
Wong is probably starting on the outside because his bulk (250 lbs.) theoretically makes him effective against the run on the outside, plus he was originally a DE so he might be more comfortable on the outside. His bulk could be put to use in the middle, and in fact in each of his last two years in MIN he led the team in tackles starting at MLB. Maybe HOU could pick up a more athletic OLB in the draft, someone like Ahmad Brooks. Brooks is a solid pash-rusher so he'd be an ideal fit in the 3-4. He has decent speed too so he could be used in a variety of situations, ie. shadowing the other team's TE, roaming the middle of the field in zone coverage, etc. Babin shows flashes of being a complete OLB - he's a good pash-rusher and he has the size and tackling skills to be a run-stuffer on the outside.
Usually MLB are a bit bigger than OLB in the NFL because they are usually more geared to stopping the run as opposed to OLB that usually drop into coverage on TE, RB, and even wide outs. That would mean Wongs presence inside would be of use, which it was in minn. where he played excellently inside. However, watching the texans who knows who should play who. We drop our MLB into zone what seems like every play. Thats why teams are killing us in teh passing situations. Peyton, Pennington, and others are simply running quick three step drops and waiting for their receivers to get in the zone gaps behind or in front of the LBs where they have no help from the DBs. While Foreman has looked silly in pass defense, he still has no help when covering a Wide receiver who can run a 4.3 40. That aside, i, of course, think we should move wong to the inside and let peek play now that foreman is out. All that talk last week of him seeing the field more, he played in maybe 5 or 6 plays until later in the 4th quarter. In one of his first plays he would have had a sack if he didnt get held. He did get blown up once on a run play, flat on his back, but that happens to everyone, including Babin a couple times yesterday, and its not like he was running around crazy like people think he would do. We have athletic enough OLBs but i still think we need to work on the way the 3-4 is being used. We need to trust our two corners, both are doing awesome this season, and our Safetys to cover their guys without playing zone all the time. Bring the blitzes from the linebackers, thats the whole point of having 4 of them, to blitz some of them. We dont get good pressure cuz we send only 4 guys a play,sometimes 5, but when you have five lineman blocking plus a 6th man in the RB, its hard to get pressure in the NFL. Watch the steelers and even the chargers now, they send 6 guys regularly, and thats why they are feared, because they get sacks and their DBs only have to cover for a few seconds in man coverage because of the pressure.
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