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Originally Posted by El Tejano
This weeks stats don't show the one littel glimmer of hope we have of winning this game. Even though he didn't rush for 100 yards against the Jets, Domanick Davis pretty much did if they don't wipe th 60 yard TD away with a crappy holding call. As a matter of fact, Davis did start to show his seasons improvement against the Colts ( I think he ran for like 98 yards that game).

The Colts loss to the Jags earlier this year and much of it had to do with Taylor's running. If we are to win this game it means we have to put up a very good running game early. Not to establish play action, but to keep the chains moving and Peyton on the sideline. I believe we can run the ball much better this week and win this game that way. Getting into a scoring match will be way out of our league at this time with Indy. Most of all our D needs to just crash the LOS all day. Who cares if that leaves people in single coverage. It is going to happen even if we drop back our LBs so might as well do something to tick Payton off and hit him at all cost.
You hit the nail on the head here. Clock management is the key...if you let PM and company get into a groove, there's trouble. DD is going to have to run, and run all day long.

I am a Colts fan, but I like the T's as well. (Just not this Sunday...)
D-CAF!!! D-CAF!!!
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