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Last year I thought LSU and USC should have been playing in the National Championship Game.

This year I think it should be OU and Auburn.

I haven't been happy with the process since its inception. I was disappointed in 1998 when Kansas State (to A&M in OT in the Big 12 game) and UCLA (to Miami in the "Hurricane Bowl") lost their last games or we would have had three undefeated teams (with Tennessee, who should have lost the SEC championship game to Arkansas if not for a blunder by the QB downing the ball) that year too. K-State would have been the odd team out.

They need a new system. I don't buy the argument that the students will be away from school too long. There are playoffs in the lower divisions. Basketball players miss a ton of school days during the tournament. It seems like a double standard.

They need an 8-game or 4-game playoff system.
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