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Originally Posted by coltsrock
Colts fan weighing in here.

Peyton needs 5 to break. You all aren't giving your team enough credit. They have the potential to play well on both sides of the ball. This game is not a gimme, nor is it assured that Peyton can throw for 5. Can he? Sure! We've all seen it! Will he? Who knows! One game at a time, especially in the division.

I think the Texans are a future power in the South, and not that far in the future. You've built well, and drafted well. It takes time to establish a team from scratch! In the next couple of years, the AFC South may become one of the toughest diviisions in football!

And no offense, I hope Peyton breaks the record at home. The Colts play there, then come home for two weks where her will certainly break it in front of his fans. That's the decent thing to happen.

But like he says, he just wants to win. And he feels the OTHER record they're chasing is more important: 3 receivers with 10 or more TDs.

Good luck! Here's to a lot of good football talk this week, a great game come Sunday, and NO INJURIES!
good post. No injuries...i hope you didn't jinx anyone!!!
D-CAF!!! D-CAF!!!
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