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Herv you have in a different way said what I have been saying, but nobody looks at the coaching staff. Carr reminds me of a guy who has been through a friendly fire incident in the military. He has taken a lot of lumps. I know its a broken record, but the coaches give Carr the plays, including the alternates, he's going to run. I think the biggest offensive problem is the O-line, but I do not believe its their fault. I've said before that Capers bought hook, line and sinker into the concept of the zone blocking, because he wanted a power run game. He doesn't have the personnel for that game. I've said that Carr and AJ were a waste for this team to pick, because we really do not want to maximize the use of their abilities. Casserly has to have a real delima on his hands. He picks players based on the best player available at the time, but he has a coach who doesn't adapt to his players and their skills. Its a mind boggling disaster. I wished more of you could see what's truely going on.
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