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There is a lot of mismanaged talent on this ball club. Its like a broken record, but until the coaching staff is dismissed this ball club is going nowhere. As one member of our board ineffect stated, show me one phase of this team that is working well. The answer is none. When nothing is working right or looks good, you have to look at the coaching staff and its planners. Sorry, but they all have to go and Casserly has to see that. I stated the injuries last year were more serious than we thought and the coaching staff and Casserly put to much stock in the return to form of these injured players. I said we had been set back at least one year, if not more. I'm sorry, but any 5 year plans the Texans had is down the drain and they are going to have to start over in the draft. It will be years before this ball club recovers. The injuries weren't planned, they just happened but we didn't adjust. We tried to go with some seasoned verterns, but they are quickly becoming medicare eligible. This season is over and unless the coaching staff does some quick retrenching they may well totally destroy the confidence of this ball club. Its quickly approaching that right now. I believe a number of you have posted a picture of Carr with fire in his eyes. That was an awesome picture, but he had to immediately appoligize to the ref, if you recall. Ask yourself, why?
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