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Originally Posted by Marcus
Something that I have observed that drives me nuts is this. Whenever our defense is on the field, I see many times during each game where the opposing QB throws the ball immediately after taking either a 4 or 5 step drop, and completing it to the open primary receiver.

When Carr is on the field, I never see that. I never see Carr throwing it right after getting set. (And those sideline passes to AJ don't count) There's always a delay. He gets set and then waits, and looks and waits, and then scrambles. Never have I seen him just drop back and throw.

Why is the primary receiver never open? Is AJ always the primary? If so, whose fault is that?
This is one of the facets of the Texans offense which really irks me. I understand every team is different but I totally agree Marcus, opposing QB's seem to be able to drop back and immediately fire it off for 6-10 easy yards. Very rarely does it seem like Carr drops back and expediently makes his read and fires. It makes me wonder whether maybe he doesn't trust himself, his receivers, or maybe Palmer isn't sending plays that give him an opportunity to unload it quickly.

How many times have we seen Carr throw a quick slant to AJ this season? Of course I'm biased on the issue, but I can only remember us going to the quick slant with any consistency during the Packer game.
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