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Default Colts

I'm not saying I would put money on the Texans next week, but you never know and I'm sure all the Texans players plan on going out there Sunday and getting a win. I don't think they give a **** about draft position.

I also like how last week a lot of people were saying we could easily beat the Bears and Browns, now after losing to a 9 and 3 team (same record as the Colts) we will lose out and if we try we could only go 1 and 4 to finish the season. You people keep forgetting what you keep saying every Friday and Saturday before a game about how anything is possible in the NFL... you people need to know that that saying goes both ways, the Texans could go out there and beat the Colts Sunday but they can also get whooped on by a team that a lot of people thought would be a win.
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