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for a "fan" you sure do have a lot of negativity towards the team.. lots of bad mouthing. I admit I didnt read everything you said.. I became disinterested when you said Carr was a big question mark.

Now.. he has definatly struggled at points this year.. but a 3rd year QB aint a veteran. Somehow I doubt you would have been saying he was a question mark when he was ranked in the top 5 earlier this year.

He has progressed fine.. give him a running game and he will do even better.

Davis aint a bust yet, he looked good against the jets today. Our RB decisions havent been questionable.. though obviously we have not come out on top. We made good decisions, they just didnt pan out. Hollings has been a disappointment with his injuries.

We are the kings of WR drafting.

Through drafting we have picked up 1 very good Olineman in Pitts.. and one still questionable but looking really good olineman in Wand. We have signed Wade and Wiegert.. both of which are quality lineman and seem to do their job well. McKinney may indeed be our weakest link, but it is also a very important position and one that requires a player that meshes well with the QB, which McKinney does. As long as he isnt a revolving door, he will be our center. They are also learning a new system, on top of having no experience together. Give them time.

I agree with your assessment of TEs

We DO need help on the line. They arent getting pressure and they arent stopping the run. If anything id say it has been one of the biggest disappointments this year... on par with our Oline last year.

Our LBs are looking alright but need help. Foreman is good but isnt a starter, he would be a quality backup though. Sharper and Babin are starters and deserve their positions. I cant wait to see Babin next season. The other side of the field though, is a quandry. Move Wong to inside? when he has been lined up inside before I havent been impressed.. or at least I havent noticed him at all. Peek on the outside? hes a great passrusher.. but can he be the total package? if he doesnt learn to cover and stop the run over the offseason, he will continue to be a pass rush specialist and nothing more. A think an ILB in one of the first 3 rounds is a good idea. (DERICK JOHNSON!!!!!!!!!)

I agree with what you say about the secondary. Robinson is the man. he is a stud, no doubt.

All in all I am happy with our progress. I think we made the right decision going to the zone blocking scheme and the last two weeks have shown that, when it starts to work even halfway correctly, Davis can capitalize on it. Our pass protection is infinitly better than it has ever been. Going to zone blocking now means that, when we are really a complete team, the Oline will have a season or two of the zone blocking scheme under their belt and will be alot more effective than if we had continued on our previous path.

Carr is our QB of the future.. he is progressing just fine and continues to get better every year. If stops improving and makes these mistakes, THEN I will consider the possibility that he isnt our guy.. but he hasnt given me any reason to think that so far. Give us a running game and our offense will look ALOT better. A WHOLE LOT.

Defensively we are building.. just like we were building offensively the last two seasons. I dont know WHY our Dline shut down but we need young talent there anyway so I guess it doesnt really matter. I look forward to a couple of Dline picks on the first day.. and/or possibly a FA pickup. Earl, and Robinson could very well become the cornerstones of our new secondary. Mcree, I think, can be our FS of the future.. we will eventually need another CB to replace Glenn, but that can wait another season I think. We still need a pass rusher.. and that could come from Peek and Babin if peek learns to play his position.. if not.. maybe Derrick Johnson .

SO.. you say you are underwhelmed.. well i wouldnt say im overwhelmed with our progress but im definatly not disappointed. If anything.. im most surprised at our lack of character this year. The last two seasons ive taken pride in the fact that we dont give up. Now it seems that.. since we are SUPPOSED to be winning.. when we ARENT winning the team seems to start beating itself up and not playing at 100%... that aint good. We need leaders on this team.. Maybe Robinson and Carr will fill those roles in the coming seasons.

Buck up folks.. just cause we fell apart on a few games this season, doesnt mean we suck and need to start over. Its just growing pains... as talented as we are we are still young.. we still dont have an identity of our own. Give it another season or two and if we still have these problems, THEN it is time to look at shaking things up a bit.
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