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Default Gasp! I'm for winning the rest of our games

I kind of understand the talk about taking it easy and throwing in the towel the next four games, but in my mind it's just plain stupid.

Almost everyone said we would finish 8 - 8 and I still predict that, but after every loss late in the season people come out and say just lose the rest to get a good draft choice... well, I hate to break it to some of you but this years draft is going to be pretty weak and we are already looking at being in the middle of the picking order so I don't see why winning more games could hurt us. Actually the more we win, the more free agents will become interested in us and I would rather take a strong free agent than a mid teen's pick in the draft.

All of you that are complaining about not making the playoffs (there is still a SMALL chance we could get in) should lobby for an out clause in your season tickets in the future, so after the 6th home game you can give up your season tickets with no charge because the team won't make the playoffs... I sure am glad you guys aren't on the team.

Also, don't tell me beating the Colts next week wouldn't be the highlight of the season.
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