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Originally Posted by wags
Yea I realize that. You can't tell anyone right now that Carr is destined for greatness or mediocrity. I just don't think you can give up on Carr at this point because he is struggling in his third season. And no I don't mean you personally. There is no harm in comparing Carr with those QB's. Hopefully it added a little perspective to this thread. Is he the next great QB? You never know after three years.

I think your making a better point. It makes more sense to let a guy develope. Its just that some people don't realize that you can't light up the NFL in your third year. We are still in the building stages. We have a long way to go. We'll feel alot better after we win a couple more games. Let's not expect way too much or we'll hate a new player each week. Wow just think what the Charges would be doing without Drew Brees (in his fourth year)
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