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I think both the receivers and Carr had off-days. Some games it just seems like Carr is off...most of them are away games from my observance. It did look like there was miscommunication several times, but Carr's receivers (namely AJ) looked like they were performing with competence when the ball came their way. Carr's throw's were simply off, IMO, he threw too high, too low, or not far enough. He underthrew AJ on a possible touchdown (which resulted in a dropped pass), he horribly underthrew AJ again later by maybe 5-10 yards which AJ came back and made a play on, and he overthrew B. Miller on his second interception. You'd be very hard pressed to present evidence that Carr was an accurate passer today, whether his receivers were in the correct position or not. He has no excuse today, he had above average protection against an excellent Jets pass rush, and he couldn't make plays regardless of the time we gave him. That's not to say Carr is a bad QB, he's a very good developing quarter back. He just happened to play poorly today.
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