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So Cedric should be punished because he's an upperclassman? And you can't use the argument that Peterson split carries because there were a couple of games in which Cedric didn't see the 4th qtr. Heck, against North Texas he saw one drive in the 2nd half and was done for the night.

And OU does use their RBs in the passing game. See Kejuan Jones' 17 catches, JD Runnels' 13 catches. DJ Wolfe (their other true freshman RB) caught as many passes as Peterson. And you can imagine how many fewer snaps he saw.

I've maintained all along that Peterson is the better talent. But he has not been a better RB than Benson this year. OU w/o Peterson might have 1 loss. Texas w/o Benson has 3 losses...easily.

I also find it funny that so many media type are quick to point out Benson's performance (125 total yards, 0 TDs) against OU and use that as justification for not giving him their vote. It doesn't matter that Jason White had 3 turnovers that game, less than 120 yards passing as well as 0 TDs, he's still a candidate. So why is Benson being held to a higher standard?

How many TDs did Leinart produce today against UCLA? Think this game hurt his chances like they say the OU game hurt Benson's?
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