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Originally Posted by Huge
Lienart will win it.

Benson should win it.

For those that feel Peterson deserves it over Benson...

Peterson - 286 carries, 1,671 yards (5.8 abg), 12 TDs, 3 catches, 6 yards
Benson - 303 carries, 1,764 yards (5.8 avg), 19 TDs, 22 catches, 179 yards, 1 TD

Now factor in which player had the better passing game to help take some pressure off then tell me which player deserves it more.
Don't get me wrong because I'm a Cedric Benson and UT fan, but what Cedric has done is all while being a senior. Peterson is a true freshman running the ball just as well. Also, OU doesn't use their runningbacks as receivers as much as Texas does, and Peterson split time early on in the season. All I'm saying is there is an arguement either way.

This year is difficult because there are a lot of players that have had strong season and multiple players that have had very impressive seasons.

I don't know who will win it and I don't know who should win it, but I'm anxious to see who does.
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