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Originally Posted by nunusguy
I tell you, Cass is good ... says no roster spots or they could have activated Bennie, no mention of him not being fit to play. I see 2 spots right now and both of them are TEs, what a coincidence. One of them is a 30 something over-the-hill guy and the other is a slow, over-sized, marginal WR.
I believe he means no roster spots without releasing an existing TE who has spent months, or years establishing chemistry with O-line and Carr. If not an emergency (TE injured), then it makes sense for Joppru to use a full camp and exhibition season to establish chemistry (and as you suggest, compete for roster spot with the 3 existing TEs).

Originally Posted by nunusguy
I tell you, Cass is good - he can spin it with the best of them. Right now on
610 he's saying Joppru is really a bonus 2 pick for us next year ...
I don't think this is spin. I think it's an accurate assessment.

Next year, if the Texans draft an offensive player in the 2nd round, when Carr looks out at the offense, it will feel like he has TWO new players with 2nd round grade talent. If they draft a defensive player, the team will still be adding TWO players to the team with 2nd round talent.

Joppru is definately a glass half full, or half empty story. Next year it will be like they have TWO 2nd round draft picks. Further, you could say Joppru is an enriched 2nd round pick, because he has two years of meetings under his belt. Alternatively, you could view him as a retarded third year player, who hasn't had the two years of game experience. I think both statements are true, but if you are talking about why the offense should continue to develop next year, then Casserly's comment that Joppru is like an 'extra' addition to the offense is very accurate.
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