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DJ does have a problem sometimes with going for the big hit and not wrapping up, but he definitely doesn't avoid tackles like Drew Boylhart implies. Boylhart likes to get a little colorful when profiling a player, but that doesn't hide the fact that he is an internet scout and not a "professional" scout. He has some good stuff, but he also misses a lot.....and this is one of those times.

It is true that Derrick Johnson is better in pursuit than he is at the point of attack, but that is just because he is absolutely incredible in pursuit. So is Ray Lewis. If you are able to get a lineman to block him, then you want to run at DJ just like you would at Ray Lewis. However, if you see either of them unblocked stepping into the hole you had planned on running into you are in trouble.

DJ isn't just a pursuer like Boylhart implies, but he is also a punishing LB who is really good at the point of attack.
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