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Originally Posted by rittenhouserobz
My point was really quite simple. If he does get high before a game, then the results COULD be bad. BTW there is also no way of knowing when he smokes. You may suggest that he does not smoke before the game, but I am sure you are not around him 2 hours before a game. Somebody with his type of money should not be taking these chances. I would never encourage somebody to smoke; however, I don't hold against the people who do. I just think he should just hold off until he retires.
I understand and agree with your point about getting high right before a game being a detrement to performance. Part of my original point was even if he did, it wouldn't give him the ability to turn on an inside pitch 2" above his hands and hit it 450' into the freaking ocean!! Do they do breathalizers before games?
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