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Originally Posted by georgewashington
The most fearful opponent that the jets have is the Fireman in the crowd leading the cheers. The people are nuts up there and the texans will be hearing it all day. If Pennington is in, the offense will be more similar to Indy but maybe a few more runs with Martin. If Carter is in, the offense will be more run, but remember Quincy has thrown some bombs this year, and he was in the playoffs last season with a crappy Dallas offense. What the texans need to do is man up on teh receivers, get the safety help over the top and minimal zone from the LBs. Too many times the D is dropped into zone and, like peyton did, they sit and wait for the receivers to run through the gaps to get completions. We have athletes in the secondary, so we should trust them. Let our boys up front put some pressure on and be there to stop the run.
put peek in he will scare the jets QB a lttle after he knocks him on his A** a few times !!!!!
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