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Default Congrats to Texans fans(again)

This is a tough pill to swallow becuase this is the third time I have had to do this because the Texans are 3-0 against 'my teams'. Before the season started I knew the gap had closed a lot between the Texans and Titans and knew a split was likely this year, but I never concieved you guys would be able to get your brooms out. Your team really showed a lot today. It looks like David Carr to Andre Johnson is going to become one of those connections. Your running game that was supposedly struggling coming into this game definately got off the ground. Good luck the rest of the year, they put your remaining sched up at the end of the game and if the Texans that played the second half are there the rest of the season they are all winnable. Im not throwing in the towel on my teams yet and never will and will be pulling for a victory every week. I just dont know what I will do when they play each other in two weeks, that really would have been tough if it would have meant playoff implications for one or both teams. Congrats again and good luck the rest of the way!!
-A Titans and Chiefs fan
PS those Battle Red Jerseys are sweet!

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