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Originally Posted by ArlingtonTexan
My guess is that peek and Babin are the longer term answers @OLB..Babin on the Strong side and Peek on the weak...Peek probably should be in more snaps, as part of a 3 man rotation to maximize the skills of all 3.
Here comes Peeks number one backer... however i think that Arlington is right. These are the two OLB's of the future. Peek may have only had one tackle and one sack today, but i believe those were both on his first play in during the game, the second play he was in he got a quarterback knockdown. Then he played maybe two other plays. The fact is that he is not being used by the team in an effective manner. Ive been saying for weeks that we need a LB rotation, keeping the players more fresh and using the talent we have. Babin did have a great game. The problem is that neither him nor Wong have done anythign bad enough to be pulled and the coaches arent getting Peek on teh field. Peek has shown the NFL that he has talent, and the crowd, because there are people yelling for him to get PT all over the stadium. If the Texans don't start using him quickly, he is going to sign with another team next year and be the next Steve Foley to this organization. If you dont use the talent you have, someone else will gladly get it and use it against us. (And even though babin picked smith up on his shoulder, smith still ended up on his feet behind babin and someone else helped to bring him down, otherwise he may have kept running)
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