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cory and antrel arn't blazers, they play a physical bump and run coverage. rolle runs around a high 4.4 to low 4.5, that is why some people say he might be better off at safty with the new rules. with that being said he can cut on a dime and recover very well. webster is the same type of player, he will fair better in the nfl than this year because he will have more safty help because he isn't in saban's blitz happy defense. i don't know that much about jackson but i do know that he can play. the problem is rolle probably won't get passed the cowboys and jackson will be off the board soon after, so we want a cb hopefully no one takes webster.

don't get me wrong i would love to get dj, he is the best prospect in the nation, if we had a top 10 pick and needed to move up a few spots i wouldn't think twice, he is a can't miss prospect, something we couldn't say about sean t last year. but i think we would just have to give up to much to get him and we arn't there yet. we still have pressing needs at just about every position on defense.
"He's a bad dude, I'd like to have him in our arsenal. I'd never run the ball."
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