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Originally Posted by BigBang
It would be interesting to see Barkley in the booth. I don't doubt he has a good insight for football. I think it's sad how everybody wants to pigeonhole an ex-athlete into their sport just because they think that it's their area of expertise. In which case, I shouldn't even be allowed to talk about sports because I don't play. Unless you want to count the year I played basketball in junior high school. It's not about how much you like or hate a guy but it's the spin that they add to the game. I'm trying to get into a position where I'm in the broadcast booth and I'm being payed for my opinion on what's going on in the game. It's just a matter of finding someone who'll listen. That's how it is in the world of sports broadcasting: a battle for who will listen.
Ok...that's pretty legit. Athletic chops really shouldn't have anything to do with whether you can preform on the mic or not. I think Costas and Berman are fantastic sports minds and suspect that the only All-Pro votes Costas got was in stickball and same deal with Boomer. I simply don't like his personality and on air manner...he might be a pretty knowledgable football guy, who knows?...I just don't like HIM.
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