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Originally Posted by Ediddy73
what you fail to realize, is that pot (THC) metabolizes in fat cells. basically, it stays in you system for nearly 30-40 days from usage. Different metabolisms dissapate it at different rates, but you cannot tell if someone got blunted in his car before a game, or smoked at a concert 20 days prior from a U/A. Cocaine, opiates, methamphetamines, and barbituates dissapate in 2-7 days to undectable amounts. If you take 2 200lb men and one smokes 1 joint, and the other does 12 grams of blow, in 14 days the guy who smoked pot will fail a U/A and the coke user will pass, even on a Texas DOT U/A. Not a single one of you could credibly tell if Ricky was blazing on his way to a mini camp, or it is residual from weeks prior unless you take a follow up to determine the rate of dissapation. (23 nanograms at initial failure;19 two weeks subsequently;12 two weeks after that...etc.) you are ignorant to assume that Ricky was getting twisted right before an important game or practice. Put your autographed "Playmakers" DVDs away!!!
My point was really quite simple. If he does get high before a game, then the results COULD be bad. BTW there is also no way of knowing when he smokes. You may suggest that he does not smoke before the game, but I am sure you are not around him 2 hours before a game. Somebody with his type of money should not be taking these chances. I would never encourage somebody to smoke; however, I don't hold against the people who do. I just think he should just hold off until he retires.
We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid. Ben Franklin
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