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Originally Posted by threetoedpete
You need a six pack of patience J-Man. Give the guys on the roster a chance. Better o-line, their production should go up this year.Northcut cannot get open
when covered by better coners. He is not an upgrade. They will not bring in a cancer into the lockerroom. Try again big guy. JMHO.

Pete, you have a point on Northcutt (not sure I would go so far to call him cancer!)...physically he is not an upgrade. Northcutt is probably also a poor example for what traits I was looking for us to pick up.

I am pleased with our 2 young receivers, AJ has the potential to be the next TO, hopefully without the mouth, and I believe we will see Gaff emerging as a top tier possesion receiver in the next 2 seasons. As for thought was that I would like to see a teach-mentor for AJ and Gaff, and oh bye the way be able to catch the ball. I am not seeing that in Bradford (and I admit I could be dead wrong)...and Northcutt is probably not the guy we need for that either.
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