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Originally Posted by Youngstown Colt
now i cant understand bashing favre for these things. criticizing someone for alcohol and drug problems. WTF? thats not too cool. you know god forbid someones life isnt picture perfect like dave carrs.
You're right. It's inexcusable. Thank you for calling me on it.

My point simply is that while Favre is a great QB (perhaps the best ever - everyone is entitled to their own opinion) I am sick of the media acting like he is perfect and can do no wrong. It's a better and more realistic story that he's a great QB and a real human being. He makes lots of mistakes. He throws intercpetions, makes bad reads, but still picks himself up. Why is it necessary to try to turn him into a fairy tale?

I am so sick of the media saying "If I needed 1 QB for 1 game, I'd take Brett Favre." Quess what - the playoff game against the Rams was the Packers biggest game of the year in 2002 and he threw 6 interceptions - maybe that day Montana would have been a better choice. The next year, the home playoff game against the inexperienced Falcons was the biggest Packer game. Another loss. Last year. The playoff game against the Seahawks was the biggest game of their year to that point. In overtime, Brett got the ball and couldn't get a first down. On the next series, a Packer CB scored a toughdown and saved the Packers. Then they play the Eagles and I'm sure everyone remembers his ridiculous floating pass against the Eagles for an interception that cost the Packers a trip to the Superbowl.

I think Favre is a great QB. Isn't that enough. Let's not ignore the facts that he is also a human being (perhaps even a nice guy - I've never met him).

Why must the media always spin illusion.
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