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I don't see Lord making the conversion sucessful to be honest. The skill gap is too wide...particularly when you consider how thin the margins for error are at the NFL level. I honestly thought they drafted him as a running back or potential slot receiver when I 1st saw the Day 2 boards. If Lord works out, then GREAT...but don't hold your breath.

I agree that we actually need to see Dunta play before anointting him as a shutdown corner...potential is there, but let's just be patient. Babs needs to work out, no 2 ways about it, I trust CC and the scouting staff on this one, they are right more often than wrong.

As for all the other fellows...the 2 DE/LBs look like practice squad fodder, Thomas has the thinnest of chances at WR, and BJ...well I hope he does ok and at least makes the practice squad (I wouldn't mind trying to groom him for the #3 job and send Ragone to Canada!)
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