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I guess Packattack notices differences between Carr and Favre, like:

a) Every team passed on Favre in the draft -Every team passed on Montana too....twice in fact (3rd rd).

b) Favre is the only 3 time MVP.

c) Alcoholism and drug addiction; and Favre is a human who fessed up and cleaned up his act. I'm sure a few of your sports heros drink and cheat on thier wife and do drugs..only those players aren't half the player,man or person Brett is AND they likely will never do anything to clean up that part of thier life. By 'drugs' you make it sound like he did crack. He got hooked on a legal drug due to pain from his job. One play in the NFL you'd be hit and would probably never walk right again. You forgot to mention whe Favre opted out of a practice to be w/ his wife when she was tested for cancer. What a bum he is!

d) 2 Super Bowls and 3 NFC title games.

e) 6 interceptions in a playoff game (St. Louis) At least Favre PLAYS in play off games. Lets see how many Carr plays in. Fact is,the team Carr leads RIGHT NOW is light years ahead of the 92 Packers in terms of talent yet Favre led that team to 9-7. The following year he took the Pack into Detroit and won a PO game. Carr? Didn't think so.

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