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I think you guys have the right mix. High hopes but reasonable expectations. Very often with a young or rebuilding team the fans have to be a little patient. If the team doesn't make progress then the fans can show disappointment. The Texans are making progress. A good nucleus and what appears to be a pretty fair coach. I remember 3 years ago at a Cowboys message board they had lost replaced a whole bunch of their Super Bowl players and the fans acted as if you can replace an Aikman , Johnston, Irvin and Smith in 1 or 2 seasons. They were SUPER critical of the new players especially Carter whom they expected to be as good as Farve or McNair his 1st season! When I suggested that they give their young players a chance they told me that being a fan of losers like the Eagles, my patience would get me nothing but a long white beard. Maybe so. But these guys actually believe that they are ENTITLED to a Super Bowl every year. There were lots of posts to me in that vein. How the 'Boys needed to live up to the "America's team" **** and how many fans they have in Europe and "Everyone loves the Cowboys". One of them actually told me "Any season that does not result in a Superbowl win for the Cowboys is a failure!" Man you need more than a pick-up truck to carry THAT much baggage. I say a .500 season this year is progress and a springboard to the play-offs next year. I also think when Carr matures he's going to be 2nd only to Manning as an offensive threat.
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