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Originally Posted by bruenice
actually the ball was over his head not in his gut. i was at that game and saw it in person. and what george has said about his play against the run is correct. attributing all of his abilities to what he did last year is ridiculous. it was his rookie year. just about everybody on this site has said that babin needs to be given time to develop into a linebacker during his rookie season.
as for lack of horizontal ability, i think that peek has that covered as well. i believe that it has been mentioned on the board before that he came into college as a receiver, he would have to be mobile for that. he then played LINEBACKER for a season before being moved to DE the last two year. i don't think that you can question his athletic ability. not sure if anyone knows this, but he did play for part of a season for the UC basketball team. huggins wouldn't let him play if he was unathletic. in one game against notre dame, he shut down troy murphy who i believe is starting right now for the golden state warriors and is 6-10. so i think he has the ability, just not getting all the reps that people are saying babin deserves to become an NFL linbacker.
well bud you musta been in the cheap seats cause HDTV never lies !!!!!!!
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