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Originally Posted by __V__
His body composition may be radically different from his last year of College but let me tell ya, there is no humanly way possible to gain 30 pounds of pure muscle mass in one “off-season”. I’m sure that Wand is likely reconfigured his weight distribution over the last year of training, but its just not possible to do something like this since December.

By 'last year' I'm guessing they mean a year ago not last season. 30lbs of muscle is a lot, but keep in mind that the guy is 6'7 325 so there's some proportions to take into account, sounds a lot more reasonable if you describe it as cutting body fat by 9%. He also hadn't spent much time in the weight room at all during his college career (hence the 20 reps on the bench at the combine.) A full year in a NFL quality strength program is exactly what wand needed and it sounds like he took advantage of it. IF wand starts I'm fully prepared to deal with some growing pains in 2004, but I think the upgrade at LG will balance out the equation.

I think that the plans to let babin, wand, and robinson start, as well as the coleman move shows that management is looking to build a winning franchise not just a playoff team
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