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Originally Posted by J-Man
Carr- 83...strong arm (probably around 95), no touch (in the game), won't show his realistic foot speed (ie much faster than folks give him credit for in the open field)
AJ- 85
DD- 85...up from the low 70's last year!!
Glen- 90+
Sharper- 90
Walker- mid 80's

Dunta....mmmm let's say around 80-82
Babs in the low to mid 70's...maybe not that high, might not be enough info on him to give him a realistic grade.

Speaking the heck does EA come up with their ratings/grades on players? I've always wondered that.
EA has a scouting team kinda like the NFL does and they scout and watch film on all the players and improve or decline their ratings based on what they played like last year. Last I read, EA was just finnishing yp their NCAA player ratings and they are about to start on Madden.

Oh and on that Madden, ESPN thing. i dont think ESPN can hold a candle to Madden. With the playmaker and owner mode, along with this years improvements,you cant even put them in the same category.madden 2005 franchise This is great.
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