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Originally Posted by Vinny
Don't act like it then. I will be as sarcastic as I choose when you just drone on and on with your Peek argument and toss the facts to the side. Babin is obviously more of an all around player and Peek is obviously more of a situational speed rusher right now. To argue against that is just not smart when you see that Babin plays mostly on more running downs and when Peek comes in it's mostly on passing downs. That is all I was typing but that isn't good enough for you. You have to insist you know more than the coaches and nobody can see Peek's skill but you.

Um, we see it too....just some of us don't think he is all that wonderful as a complete least not yet.
There was no fact tossing at all, i never said babin wasnt better at the run. you just decide to twist what i say a little bit to make it sound more biased to peek. I never said he doesnt normally come in during passing downs, i just made a simple point that he has come in for extended periods of time, ex. 4th quarters against KC and Indy. and your sarcasm really isnt called for because there was no argument being made about these things you bring up. When did i say in this post that he was a better run stopper than babin and that peek is put in the game to stop the run? all ive have said is that he was given some playing time and it happened to be on the strong side replacing babin. and i dont think ive said anything about coaches being stupid or my ideas being the best. i also believe that some other people have noticed things that i have. so maybe you could act like an adult and try to be open to things, especially when they are simple statements that are not incorrect.
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