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Who is Joel? is he even a Texans fan? does he know our situation? does he know about the zone blocking? or is he like all these other talking heads that havent even quite wrapped their pea sized brains around the fact that we are the TEXANS not the Titans.
Grid, he actual is a pretty well known AP sports writer and he actually has covered the Texans a great deal over the past few years. I believe he actually has covered all of our games this season for the AP. I could be wrong, but I know he at least wrote about our game with the Jags, Packers, Colts, and Cheifs, as well as some summaries of our season so far. He has written an article about our 3-year progression called "ANDERSON ON FOOTBALL: Capers, Texans getting it right". This was on a few weeks ago. He's also had numerous recaps and other articles on I mean He even covered Dunta Robinson signing with us.

He has also written other articles about Davis' sophomore slump this season and it seems that by his writing he is slowly losing faith in Davis as a feature back, like a lot of people who have watched the games this season.

So I guess to answer your questions, No he isn't a Texans fan, he is a writer for the AP assigned our team, So he is required to know a pretty good amount about our situation.

I don't know if you thought Joel Anderson was just some random guy with his own website or something, but he is a fairly knowlegdable sports writer and I would rather read his writing than some of the **** I see on this message board.
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